the word verification game: see what you can make of these

 Yes, I have found a way to save word verifications, and here are some of the sillier ones! I tried to put them together in a meaningful (around here, that's what we say instead of amusing) way. I'm sure you can do better, and I'd love to hear what you make of these... Chime in! Or as they say in word verification land, pling jingl ringr !


  1. LOL too funny. My word verification for this comment is "reezzle" out there!

  2. Hi, LR, do we think it's a verb or a noun? or both? I'll have just a reezle...

  3. Did the Copywriter From Space have a hand in picking these? :D

    (mine is 'semis')

  4. That's a lot of blogger comments you have there. OK, my verification word is colatent. I would much rather be in a beertent. Or at least give me a rumandcolatent.


  5. Hi, Rose, perhaps she is looking over my shoulder? It's been awfully foggy around here lately.

    Hi, xoxo, love your suggestions!

  6. How about I was HYPED about my new cashmere but my HYPERA came to NAUGHT. What SLARTH! The cashmere PILLDE so much my arms were CATTED.

  7. Definitely both. The latest one is mogoned....oy.


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