and now for something completely different!


For a year in which very little has actually happened, the entertainment and political scenes have been interesting indeed. And sometimes it's been hard to tell one from the other. As Hallowe'en approaches, here in New York City the store windows and store ads are showing Hallowe'en get-ups that are sometimes very funny,  though I wouldn't want to be the one trying to explain the joke to a little kid. Nevertheless, I share with you an ad from an email sent to me by Ricky's NYC, a local chain specializing in makeup, skin/hair products, and glorious disguises. If you're in town shopping, save a few minutes to play in a Ricky's store. Meanwhile, please note the absence of politics/witch jokes. Sooo last year. But there will be more Hallowe'en posts. You betcha. The ad's on the left.


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