Fred hits the Columbus Day sales (and others)

Prices and leaves are falling, and will doubless continue to do so for the next few weeks, but we have a trip planned! Before I even start packing for the trip, I want to be sure that my Hallowe'en costume is organized , so that when we return I can get right down to haunting. Forethought is my watchword (some of the time, anyway). With that in mind, a little preliminary haunting - of stores - is in order. I'm saving my broomstick to be able to zoom around efficiently for the sales that I expect to occur around Thanksgiving, so I have to do something different this Hallowe'en. 
My perfectly coordinated Hallowe'en costume will represent, with a little make-up, 
Surely at least once you've been told you're perfect for someone whom you have absolutely no interest in meeting. We all have. And yet, the would-be-fixer-upper persists. They all do. Some people have no sense of humor. Descriptions of fix-ups are like descriptions of real estate: they have their own language. "Tall" can mean anything from "about" five feet to "paints ceilings without stretching." 

Thus if the potential fix-up is described as tall, with a distinctive profile, I see visions of Big Bird (who is a perfectly nice bird, don't get me wrong, I just can't see him with me in a 3-star restaurant) -- well, here's the outfit that says

Upon reflection, this ensemble looks a touch scanty, and Hallowe'en night can be chilly.
I shall add these Hallowe'en-themed leggings and the long-sleeved tee that I recently saw
in the J.Crew Collection Store on Madison Avenue. Really truly! Ask my iPhone!
Guess noone told them there's a pumpkin shortage in the Northeast, the store was coming down in orange.

These are Feather Boa cookies.
Just in case I have to provide dessert.
When stale, they can be strung together to make accessories. 


  1. Firkin hilarious! You crack me up fred! I love your perspective.

  2. Too funny!! Those J. Crew feather confections do look a little silly but I'm sure there must be somebody buying them.

  3. Hi, Louise, the feathered garments have been lingering in the Collection Store - on and off - for what seems like years, and they regularly appear in the sale section, where they migrate from one category to anothe. I've even saw the vest in Outerwear. So no. I don't think people have been rushing to buy them. More a case of Designing While Under a Malign Influence, IMHO.

  4. I rather fancy the idea of dressing up as Tigger...Boing! Boing! Boing!

  5. Hi, Trish, absolutely, the leggings/shirt plus a tail, whiskers & ears? perfect. See how adaptable the outfits from one little store can be?

  6. Oh love your costume! And the cookies - perfect

    Every post I wonder what *did* we do before your blog?!

  7. Hi, mommydearest, glad you're enjoying! (and hoping you won't keep it a secret)


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