a star is born: another Merchant Prince seeks world domination

Via this morning's inbox, our friends at Madison Avenue Spy have let us know that the former husband of Tory Burch (said to be the wizard behind her v. successful line), is AT IT AGAIN.
 "Retailer-extraordinaire Chris Burch will open his newest boutique, C. Wonder, October 22, in Soho. The new concept will sell housewares, home decor, personal electronics, in addition to apparel, shoes, jewelry and accessories, according to our sources. 
"Chris Burch is best known for being the brains -- and money-- behind ex-wife Tory Burch. Not willing to just sit on his wallet, Chris has been working on several concepts, including the launch of lifestyle brand Monika Chiang. (That's Chris' current girlfriend)."
Well. I've seen taxi-tv ads for C.Wonder, and the ads are a cross between the Target Bullseye with Dog ads and the Gap all-singing all-dancing all-jiving chino ads of years past. You would never know from the taxi ads that the newest creation of a "retailer-extraordinaire" is being touted. Yes, that's one of the names he goes by. Keep reading for others.

for pens, desktop stuff, etc
The article continues:  "We are told that Kelly Cutrone designed the new clothing line for C. Wonder --which is surprisingly colorful -- and the office supplies draw from another Burch venture, called Poppin. Poppin's chicly redesigned office supplies are currently sold online at an affordable price point and come in an array of bright colors. Totally cool (or at least they photograph really cool)." I checked out Poppin and not everything is colorful. However the prices are not terrible for decent-looking pads, pencils, office supplies generally, as opposed to the tawdry kind (but with the firm name on) that the office manager got a good buy on. Poppin's mission is apparently to give everyone who uses a pad backed with thin cardboard that bends an opportunity to omit at least some of those "I'm wasting my life" moments from the workday. Unless you're too stubborn to bring your own supplies to the office. I bring my own pens everywhere, because I prefer my handwriting to be legible. Most of the time.

some whoopee from
C.Wonder's website-in-progress
OK, back to C. Wonder, it's meant  to attract the Anthropology customer in a "more fashionable and modern environment. The 5,100 square foot space was first built out in a warehouse in China, as to perfect the design and merchandising of the concept." That Chris! What a guy! (How did Dear Leader miss this?) 

And I can do no better than the Madison Avenue Spy's conclusion:
"If all goes according to plan, C. Wonder will multiply across the country. As a matter of fact, Chris Burch is so confident about his self-named venture, he's requested others to call him The King. Perhaps he is testing the name of his next retail concept."
   Or he could call it J.Wonder. In the words of Mel Brooks, "It's good to be da King." Possibly even better than to be "da Prince"?


  1. This is too good!! Can't make this stuff up!

    He may have dear leader beat in the chutzpah dept

  2. Hi, mommydearest, I'm waiting to see where they have their respective crowns and regalia made - and whether or not the royal vestments are lined, pill, etc.

  3. Now I'm curious, but will have to wait until they open a store out West.

  4. Hi, Rose, you can follow it at:


  5. Wow. Some people's egos...

    Wonder if he'll broadcast via intercom or whatever PA system they have on site.

  6. Hi, Closer Crisis, I'm betting the King will have heralds and town criers to make his announcements.

  7. this is awesome!

    now you must find how he gets around those 5000 sq feet! the prince is on a bike. is c wonder on an 18k segway perhaps...?

  8. Hi, Gigi, the Palace of Greed and Commercial Splendor will be having its Very Grand Opening while I'm out of the country, but I'll be sure to check it out when I get back.


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