a chill wind from Brussels

Not exactly big-city black, but boy was I glad I'd brought it! Brussels was cold and drizzly when we arrived, sunny and colder thé next day, anxious-looking non-tourists milling about itopping that someone would say something of financial significance.

On a more cheerful note: dinner! Our first night, we charged back to Comme Chez Soi, where we'd last been in June. Too much of a good thing? Not hardly. In brief, the food was just as wonderful, the crowd a little cooler, more somber. Not a picture-taker in the place. Fall dishes were (natch) featured, and the amuse-bouche was a savory little pumpkin mousse. It's tough to make pumpkin taste like anything, and I dreaded starting with something that tasted like pumpkin pie. No worries, this was light, fluffy even, and tasted mildly vegetal and like, um, itself. A good omen. For first courses we repeated what we'd done in June, and my main course was delectable venison, in two services.

The first plate was arranged like a woodland scene, but despite the cuteness the meat was medium rare and hearty. The second plate was more venison, this time accompanied by a generous serving of sautéed wild mushrooms.
to be continued


  1. Southern Belle, Ph.D.October 22, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    Wellfedfred! Been looking forward to seeing a post from your trip. So very glad you are having a great time once again! Nothing wrong with putting comfort ahead of beauty when traveling. The food presentation is very interesting but then again, it usually is in the locales in which you and the Whining Diner select. Will be watching for your next post.

    Word verification: mizer...Is that due to the fact I have managed to refrain from purchasing any J Crew items during this sale??? I read that you were not as good...

  2. How beautiful is that plate? I love venison, and now I want little trees when I eat it.

  3. Hi,all! My mobile blogging app has crashed and blogger itself won't pick up pictures. Taking good notes, though, so stay tuned.

  4. That woodland scene is one of the most interesting presentations of a meal I have ever seen!

  5. Hi, Louise, funny thing was I didn't realize it was a scene til I bent down to pick up my napkin. From above it just looked like a plate with lots of open space and tiny portions. Of course the second helping made up for that!


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