Getting ready for dinner at Flintstone Manor

. Well, here is Popeye the Sailorman, in his bell bottom pants (he's a sailor, after all). Some years ago the local authorities expensively reminded the farm stands of our signage restrictions. An enterprising fellow placed enormous painted statues of vegetables in front of his stand; others followed suit. Then it turned put that the giant caulis, beets, carrots etc fell within the size and weight limits of the sign law. Another expensive lesson. Note that Popeye is A WEIGHTLESS INFLATABLE TIED ONTO A WORKING FARM VEHICLE.


  1. Is this where you buy your spinach? Is that Popeye? Is he wearing flared pants?
    Hope your dinner is lovely. We're having kale here.

  2. Hi, Danni, the spinach looked too sandy so we didn't buy it. Local bay scallops (same variety as the Nantuckets only more tender) are in season, and the season is short, so we ate our yummy scallops with bought coleslaw instead of spinach salad.

  3. Southern Belle Ph.D.November 28, 2011 at 2:34 PM

    I like Popeye and I really like the idea of the signs folks are using. Sounds like fun!

    Will be thinking about you tonight as I suspect you will be pouring the eggnog and rum while The Whining Diner watches his Giants take on the Saints. I am also a huge football fan but suspect I may be pulling for the Saints tonight. Neither is "my" team but I think the Saints have more of "my" guys than the Giants as of this year. Hang in there!

  4. Hi, Southern Belle, yes, Himself is sound asleep on the couch, resting up for the agony and ordeal of watching the Giants. It takes strength to be a Giant fan. Me, I must confess that after all these years, I view the Giants as a kind of poor relations. I'm glad enough when they have a success but most of the time I feel we are sending them money for no good reason and I wish they would put their energy into finding something they can do well.

  5. Hi, Rose, yes, many of our local farmers have, or have kids who have, MBAs...


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