holiday dinner - not a creature was stirring

For each serving, place a crispy curly lettuce leaf on each salad plate. 
On top of the curly leaf, place one chilled canned pear half, upside down. 

The mouse face is the small end of the pear; for eyes use two raisins; for nose, use 1 red cinnamon candy; for ears, use 2 radish slices; for tail, use a carrot curl. 

To serve, set slice of cheese on lettuce and top with mouse.

    Ingredients: Store-bought cheese ball or spreadable cheddar cheese, slivered almonds, currants or raisins, fresh chives or scallions; Crackers 
Directions: For each mouse, scoop a generous tablespoon of cheese from the cheese ball or spread and shape it to resemble a mouse (the back end of its body should be round, the front pointed). If the cheese softens too much in the process, just place the mice in the refrigerator for a short while to firm it up again.
For the mouse's ears, press two almond slivers halfway into the top of the head. Next, use the tip of a toothpick to press currants into the cheese where the eyes and the nose go. For tail, insert the snipped end of a fresh chive or scallion into the rear of the cheese.Set the mouse atop a cracker and serve with more crackers.

Do you really need my help for this one? Balls of ice cream or sorbet in mouse-appropriate colors, chocolate chips for eyes, cinnamon candy for nose, almond slices for ears, licorice whip for tail.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. I so enjoy your recipe finds! My MIL would especially (not) love food items resembling mice. I looked for, but could not find your past posts that were my favorites. Seems there was something that looked like a face with canned peach half and cottage cheese and maraschino cherry, and another face "recipe" with sliced half of banana and "smile" made with food coloring, or am I getting them all mixed up? I did find the flightless birds appetizer but not the visual for the candle salad. When you find the giant whole roast baloney mouse main course, we need a recipe book for these masterpieces.

    You've got to be kidding, my word verification is feastr.

  2. Hi, TiffanyRose, I'm so glad to connect with another Fancier of Foolish Food! Seriously, I have learned that most of these recipes were developed during the 1950's, presumably so that one's dinner guest would not be seduced - laughing too hard? So the recipes are in fact cultural artifacts! Now on to analyze the affinity between mice and the Winter Solstice.
    I love your suggestion for a recipe book, think I'll put a recipe and crafts links sidebar on the blog!

  3. These are funny and I saw something similar in an old Betty Crocker children's cookbook that one of my aunt's had. Check out this blog post on that very cookbook and scroll down for the "rocket salad". Why is that martian smiling? LOL I dare you to serve that one up to your family and friends!

  4. Hi, xoxo, well that is some salad. So now you understand why I hesitate to post a picture of the Holiday Candle Salad.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oooooooooooh! I'm a lot dense so now I understand why I didn't find the pic of the candle salad.

    I do fancy the foolish foods. And what an opportunity to learn. Do tell if you find a connection between mice and the Winter Solstice.

    For some reason, your search function didn't work for me last night. However, with determination, I tried again and found my favorite: the believe-it-or-not breakfast salad!

  7. Hi, tiffany rose, I collected the recipe posts on a Page of the blog called "Domestic Goddess, c'est moi." See pink tab at top of page. Enjoy!

  8. This takes me back to the Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls, a little book from the 50's I was entranced with in the 60's. Yes, half a peach was featured as the body of the Raggedy Ann doll, with an egg head,celery legs and yellow grated cheese hair! Some politically incorrect things to do with your cereal. And, 3 men in a boat--3 mushrooms popping out of a baked potato filled with chipped beef and flags of processed cheese on skewers. The time before there were any omega 3's in the American diet.

  9. Hi, Lane, oh boy, can't wait to plan an all-Velveeta menu!

  10. Brilliant! In light of current mice housemates I'm tempted to make these, it would make a whole art instillation experience out of my vermin infestation.

  11. Pour encourager les autres, no doubt!


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