look who walked across the front yard

just as I was working on a post about a meal that included venison, we had visitors. I snapped this one, she was followed by a smaller one and then some of her posse. Well, nothing can stop a truly dedicated glutton.  OK, now back to work!


  1. My cousin has a flock (?can't be right?) of five living in the tiny patch of trees behind her yard. I feel bad for them, humans are crowding their space.

  2. How cute! They must be hungry...

  3. Hi, xoxo and Rose, I always have mixed feelings about our local deer. I think they're sweet and adorable from a distance, but now houses on wooded lots are advertised as having a "deer break" - unplanted area around the house - and nurseries label the plants and shrubs and young trees to show which are "deer resistant."


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