Paris report: Fall-Winter 2011 fashion trends

Same with polka dots!
I did not observe Leopard and Other Animal Prints in store windows on Avenue Montaigne, Rue St. HonorĂ©, Rue Jacob, and  faux wildlife was completely absent from the elegant streets of St. Germain, but nevertheless the trend made its presence known.

Wouldn't want anyone to think that all that good food and art distracted me from the fashion scene!


  1. Interesting. No wild cats in Firenze either.

  2. Figures North America should stay behind in trends. Maybe they'll disappear by next year over here.

  3. Lane and Rose, I think the animal print thing, especially leopard, spread too fast and too widely (as from specialty shop to department store to mall) for it to be a trend. Several years of catty remarks (oops sorry) from Stacy about leopard linger in my mind, and probably others have these reminiscences.


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