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I'd like to revisit all my moans about tracking down the Jeweled Jardin Jacket from Spring 2010 (was it only that long ago? seems like a lifetime). I will not, however, because -- but wait! there's mooooore! Spring 2012 approaches! If you've held on to your Jeweled Jardin Jacket, you can make a whole outfit of those tempting sequinned flowers!  Look! And just as it happened at the first appearance of the Jeweled Jardin Jacket, only a few of the "dress" were made, and already all but 2 sizes are gone.

I await the appearance of coordinating sequinned spike-heeled pumps and enormous unstructured sequinned bowling bag.

Actually what's really needed here -- pants.


  1. Well, perhaps Botticelli would have liked to paint your portrait in that dress.

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  3. Hi, Lane, that model keeps appearing in that catalog and looks more "dazed and confused" every time. Of course, it's also possible that the dress, photo and yes, copy are recently discovered "new old stock." Ain't we all...

  4. That same model is also at BR now too. I saw that dress and thought -- did I miss this from last year? :D

  5. Hi, Rose, glad it's not just me with a case of déjà by! Also glad that model is working more, soon she'll be able to afford food.

  6. No kidding! If you really want to see scary skinny, there is one at Talbots.


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