and as Valentine's Day drew to a close

Well, we're now on the west coast (of Florida), and it's 80*. Finally.


  1. Well, I'm glad it finally warmed up a bit for you. Sad for me though, since I was enjoying the cooler temps that have been practically non-existent this year. I do hope you're having a very relaxing and enjoyable time. The Gulf Coast is beautiful, especially this time of year since it isn't packed with tons of people. How much longer do you get to stay?

    1. Hi, FFM, yes, our Miami friends were positively frolicking Friday night, they wre so happy with the cool weather! Sweaters! Coats! Well, I do understand.

  2. I hope your meal are better than that!! There are some Ok places to eat on the W coast. Do you have any recommendations? I am taking a cooking class with the son of a V famous Italian chef in Sarasota area ( 1 day thing)next month. Asked to bring chef's knife, TSA would not approve.

    Eighties!! Sure you enjoying and are WellFed-- haha

  3. Hi, Lane, I was in Sarasota for 2 weeks a few years ago. My recommendation for dining out -- well, bring sandwiches.

  4. Oooh, goodie, I'm there tomorrow and 80 sounds just right to me.
    Have fun!

  5. Thanks, Dani, and you too! We just had dinner in a packed restaurant where I and 2 teenagers (obviously someone's great granddaughters) were the only people who didn't hAve silver hair. And weren't bald. I am rethinking the whole color issue. I don't like the idea of being taken for someone's ancestor.


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