a new arrival

ribbit, ribbit.

Couldn't resist.


  1. Heheheh.

    The "cogs" have been falling apart a bit lately. Heard that the site crashed earlier in the day, and this mystery graphic has popped up a few times when I go searching for basic items (like the Perfect tees in white, black, or the Jackies in Navy).

    You do crack me up. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi, ClosetCrisis, thanks! And me blaming.my poor iPhone.

    The cogs turned up a lot around Christmas, too, so much so that I did a post in which I discussed how to make tree ornaments out of them.

  3. Yeah, I was about to place an order earlier today when the JC site went to "under routine maintenance" mode. Sigh.

    So I e-mailed the PS instead and let her deal with the order.

    Do you think they think no one will notice? :D

  4. I don't think it matters to them one way or the other, Rose.

  5. I've been seeing those cogs here and there for months, it seems. I just thought that meant the garments were still being churned out. ;)

  6. Hi, tiffany rose, I'm thing it probably means nobody's watching the store.

  7. I mean thinking! (autocorrect or the revenge of the Copywriter from Space?)


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