Bloomingdales attracts attention

Clever email titles will do it every time:

This has me wondering - is the opposite of most major: least major, most minor, or least minor? Chime in!


  1. Southern Belle Ph.D.February 8, 2012 at 2:51 PM


    I must thank you for the comments you posted on the JCA blog regarding the new denim pencil skirt. I was contemplating the skirt for an upcoming trip and once I read your comments, I ordered the skirt. I had to guess the size though so I do hope I guessed correctly. I am glad the skirt worked so perfectly for you!

  2. Hi, Southern Belle PhD, I hope you like the skirt as much as I do. It was the first thing I threw into the suitcase for this Florida visit although since we're still in Key West, I haven't worn it yet. In Key West you're overdressed in jeans that fit and a tee that doesn't have a ribald saying on it, so I am overdressed for now, and since our next stop is to see older friends in Naples the skirt will get a good workout there.

  3. Does that email actually say MOST MAJOR, I think that in fact that doesn't even mean anything.
    Hmmph. How discouraging this is Fred. At least I have "Hons and Rebels" to look forward to reading tonight, many thanks to you!

    I'll never be able to thank you enough for introducing me to Universe Mitford: it is dictating my days during this dreary winter.
    That email was written by the most vile Counter-Hon!

  4. Hi, Dani, yes, I have learned to take, save, and crop screen shots. No idiot is safe.

    I'm so happy you're enjoying the world of the Mitfords. Poor Unity didn't end well, but those were strange and uncertain times. Have you and Mr BP threatened the Rascals with a Child Hunt yet?

    You might also enjoy reading about Bertie Wooster and his magical butler Jeeves. I forgive Bertie a lot because he's undereducated, as were most Englishman of his class and time, and because his antics and those of his friends and relations are hysterically funny. Here's a little quote: It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine.


  5. Well at least they're not trying to show you their "least minor" looks ... though would that be the same thing ...

  6. Hi, Lisa, I guess I'm just too literal-minded. Oh, we'll,one of the Bloocmingdales looks was a silk print shell in a VIVID print, pants in the SAME PRINT, flats and purse ALSO in the same print.. And in store, everything is striped. Everything. So you're absolutely right, with this monotony, there wouldn't be any difference.

  7. Oh, I am particularly fond of the slaughter of superlatives too. :D

  8. Lordy, Fred, I thought my fellow citizens of the Commonwealth had the strategery of native tongue dismemberment all figured out, but now I see it it is up for grabs. Sounds like that copy writer just got off the phone with the exterminator("Geez, ma'am, that stuff I sprayed in your house is great at killin' most major crawling varmints, exceptin' bedbugs, of course.") or possibly the plastic surgeon, ("Yes, Mrs. Cradlerobber, your husband sailed through most of the major complications of his member enlargement surgery, it is totally unexpected that as a result he has had to work longer at the office since his recovery.") Obviously the Copy Writer from Space is to blame for this aberrant mutation of her kind, most likely from a drunken hookup at a Hard Rock Cafe location. I predict tomorrow's Bloomie banner to read "Top Ten Most Bestest of Fashion Week-Them There Are the Looks You Want".Now I need to get off my ardse (my word verification) and fix supper.

  9. hee hee, David, we aim to please!

  10. hi, Rose, between these in the inbox and autocorrect wreaking havoc on what I think I might have been saying, and increasingly stranger word verifa, I'm beginning to think there's more than mischief going on inside the iPad. hmmmm.


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