a few chilly days and nights in Miami

The choice was a week in a lesser establishment or 4 nights at the Biltmore. I hope these pictures will show why we chose the Biltmore. This is (some of) the pool. We weren't the only ones feeling the weather, normally the chaises around the pool are filled with happy loungers.

This is an upstairs terrace, also devoid of sunbathers.

This is a shot of one of the interior courtyards. Not so windy, but still cool.The Biltmore's architectural theme is Moorish/Spanish Colonial. Or Spanish Colonial/Moorish. Apparently Ponce de Leon's team of knight-adventurers decided that if they couldn't find the Fountain of Youth, they would build it. And a good thing, too. A feature of the architecture of Moorish Spain is at least one interior courtyard, preferably with fountain. 

Note: if you think you're reading about an architect named Morris, you're not, it's just that auto-correct can be very insistent sometimes. I guess auto-correct never heard of Granada.

And last, the principal lobby and the ceiling of the principal lobby.

So, where did we eat? Well, we revisited a few old favorites, already on the blog in earlier posts. We still love Garcia's Fish Market, I have no idea how you'd get there without a car and a really good sense of direction, although it's less complicated since the city finished building the drawbridge. Fortunately Himself has a built-in food compass.

A new find was DeRodriguez Cuba on Ocean. Douglas Rodriguez is a brilliant chef, his food is Nuevo Latino, emphasis on Cuban. He's had a number of restaurants over the years, all good, and this is his newest. The staff is terrific about explaining the dishes, and while everything is presented prettily - South Beach, after all - it's really about the ingredients, which are top-notch. It does get very dark in here, a little penlight is helpful.

This is the bar in the main dining room. The red glow is from the candles on some tables. Himself grumbled about dining in the dark but he cheered up when the food arrived and he had no problem finding his plate.


  1. You know, we'd be out stripped to the waist like nut cases? It would probably still be like our summer.

  2. Looks like a fabulous place -- too bad the weather was iffy. Like Tabs, the weather was probably like our summer in Canada! haha

  3. Nice place-- maybe it will get warmer before you have to go. Hope so!

    You have caused a flashback here, to the visit we made to DRodriguez's place on lower Park Av in the late 90's-- I think it was Patria? We went at 5:30 with our girls after a matinee on a NYC weekend trip. I had called the restaurant and checked if we would be welcome early with 2 very well-behaved children. Well, what a time we had, all alone there at that time of day, of course. The kitchen was sending out little things for us to try; the waiters would all come and watch my youngest taste, charmed by her wide eyes and delighted reaction. ( That child got more free food in NYC on our visits). Lucky you, it was all delicious. I wonder what he is cooking now.

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  5. hi, Tabitha, yes we got all sentimental remembering people on the strand at Brighton in June, hunched over in beach chairs and wearing toggle coats, bobble hats and woolly mittens.

  6. Hi, LR, this is why the northern coast of Maine is known as the Canadian Tropics.

  7. Hi, Lane, I remember Patria! He closed it and went back to Miamiwhere hw is a pillar of the culinary establishment. this is the latest of a string of four or five, sadly, a number of blank squares told me I was right to fear that it was too dark to take pics of the food. yummy ceviches, lovely grilled whole fish.

  8. "Built-in food compass..." it's a good one to have. :)


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