don't show these to Prince Charming!

Here is a link to the entire Manolo shoe collection at Neiman Marcus.

Here is a link to the selection of Manolos at Saks.

Just for comparison, here is a link to the Christian Louboutin shoes at Neiman's.

As it happens, I sometimes have attacks of that malady where you read about the next threatened epidemic or the terrible condition that most women don't know they have (not a guy? oh well) or how you can catch leprosy on the subway, and of course before I put down the paper or turn off the TV, I'm coughing, sniffling, checking my face and arms for blotches, looking for... I hear first-year medical students do this a lot too.

Well, so far, to the best of my knowledge,
noone's fallen down dead on Madison Avenue
from the sudden onset of pneumonic plague,
but after looking at all those shoes,
I gotta tell ya, my feet are just killing me.

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