improving the economy by catching a leprechaun, despite an apparent beer shortage in Hamburg

On the news this St. Pat's morning:
Some creative kindergarteners have taken things into their own hands and built a trap to catch a leprechaun.

As we know, every leprechaun has a pot of gold, and hides it at the end of the rainbow.
But sometimes, he'll move it around and hide it in other secret hiding places.

If you catch one, you must not let him go until he tells you where his pot of gold is.
 These kids were very considerate and lined the trap with something soft so that if a leprechaun were to be tempted and fall in, he wouldn't be hurt - and presumably would be more disposed to give up the location of the pot of gold.

The Red Queen claims to believe six impossible things before breakfast.

This was the easiest. Now for something more difficult:

Location: Hamburg, Germany, a seaport known for being tough and all business. The photo (from this month's Travel & Leisure) of the cute guy - who works in an automotive company - with basketball and sports bag in this picture is accompanied by text in which he is claimed to have said: "Sometimes after basketball we go to (name of bar) for their inventive cocktails. My favorite is the Filmriss Deluxe, with VODKA, VANILLA LIQUEUR, SPARKLING WINE, PASSION FRUIT AND LIME."

Yeah. I believe he and the guys go to a trendy cocktail bar after practice and order girly cocktails.

Next impossible thing: an email from Madewell, purporting to show the best-selling items, as of now, I guess, in different parts of the country. Here's a screenshot of the best-seller in Seattle, a city reputed to be cool and rainy when it isn't cold and damp, and the same teensy best-seller on a model. The email claims this little unlined silk chiffon nightie is worn to work. Presumably under something warm and waterproof from REI.

And a sales person from Madewell in Soho claims that the shrunken boyshirt - which comes in 7 Easter-egg-like pastels - is a New York City essential. I would have thought black tees and dark jeans, slave to fashion that I am, but I am always willing to learn.

But if I look outside this bright Parade morning, thanks be to heaven, all I see is green. A very happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you.


  1. LOL, I always smirk when I read articles or see those little factoids about what is the "in" thing or best-selling item in a particular city. When I lived in Dallas years ago, I remember a national fashion magazine declaring that Dallas women are scooping up anything resembling foreign military (i.e. Russian Navy type uniforms) & they even listed a few Dallas boutiques that "couldn't keep these items in stock" & "were flying off the shelves".
    Well I just so happened to shop at 1 of the boutiques listed (which is very decidedly Lilly Pulitzer like), so I went by later that week to see what the fuss over foreign military-wear was about. The boutique owner laughed about it all. Said she had never been contacted by that magazine, never had sold nor was planning to sell military-esque clothing, nor had she seen or witnessed a trend in Dallas ladies wearing Russian Navy uniforms. Nor had I.
    Same with those articles (which are thinly disguised advertisements) about hair & esthetic salons in particular cities (yeah I'm talking about you Lucky Mag) that declare the women of that particular town "can't get enough" of Oscar Blandi lemonade flavored sea-kelp anti-aging toenail cream with action Kung Fu grip.

  2. Hi, Jane, that's hilarious! Another silly example: a few years back, a "society" belle was photographed in Vogue surrounded by the "team" who "made her possible." This included but was not limited to the facialist, the seamstress, the personal shoppers, the driver, the sitters, the cleaners, the cook & other kitchen help, the plastic surgeon (!), the dentist, and the gynecologist. This is goofy enough, but the man identified as the gyno, was not the gyno. The gyno had been contacted, was insulted by the idea and refused, and when I heard the story (recited by Mrs. Gyno at a charitable event), was consulting attorneys.

    1. ....lf by chance I ever become oh so famous as to warrant an entourage of those who "make me possible", it probably won't include my dentist or my gyno. However it would include Jim Koch of Boston Beer & the folks at my local Chick-Fil-A.


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