by the blimp, for the blimps

Written 22 March, to be posted whenever The Chunnel is so civilized compared to dealing with airports, compared to getting to Dover and taking some kind of ferry or hydro-thing. I need to limit excursions through the waters of the Channel, I'm usually a good sailor but thanks to me, there are some spots on the sandy floor of the Channel that will be forever sick-green. We haven't tried a blimp yet, but wouldn't that be a great theme for a restaurant trip? By the blimp, for the blimps!

We'll use the time on board to sort through our (food) plans for Paris one last time, as usual, some dear old friends and some new adventures. Wonder if there's a restaurant equivalent for "something borrowed, something blue"? So far, the dinners are Spring, Le Severo, Apicius, and for old times' sake and because even though it's not game season, it's tough to find a place that's open Sunday nights, Au Petit Marguery. We haven't made lunch plans, although I'm working on convincing Himself that we've had enough sandwiches sur le pouce. Fire burn and cauldron bubble, right?

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