strolling around London

written March 21, to be posted whenever (giving up on Blogger for the time being)
We were too early for the Chelsea Flower Show by about a month, and the Chelsea Antiques Fair makes himself feel like a lab rat as he tries to keep up with my bouncing from booth to booth. A hungry, grumpy lab rat. But we always find something fun to see.

The "centerpiece" of the British Antiques and Fine Art Fair was a fine collection of Ceremonial Maces. Which made me wonder, these days, is there any other kind of mace in circulation? Just curious.

The love of gadgets is eternal. I think dandies checking time and weather must have been the equivalent of today's public checking of email, a signal that the checker has an important reason for knowing that information right now. Or rather, right then.

This window at John Lewis, Sloane Square, celebrates an aspect of British craftsmanship that I had not previously considered. I imagine their Director of Visual Marketing interned in the US... look closely, don't let the sun (yes, sun!) on the glass spoil the chuckle.

Around the corner from John Lewis is VVRouleaux, a tiny shop that sells ribbons

Lots of ribbons,

including ribbons with messages

and ribbon-related merchandise as well.


  1. Did you buy a copy of Kinky Knickers? :D

  2. It's a clothing company! Probably the perfect thing to wear under "crusader pants?"

  3. Love the spears! COuld use them most days...


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