Jazzfest closes, we keep eating

We sat down to dinner Sunday night at Mother's on Tchopitoulas Street, after a long hot closing day at Jazzfest. There's nothing fancy about Mother's, but the food is local and good, the staff is friendly and efficient, the lines move fast, and there are tables. Who dat said I'm fussy? I'd been jonesing for jambalaya all weekend. Usually the jambalaya stand is my first destination when the gates to Jazzfest open, but the purveyor whose jambalaya I loved didn't return after the storm, and his replacement has been serving something that tastes like Rice-A-Roni. Dry Rice-A-Roni. I gave him one last try this year, yuk, and promised myself to finish the weekend with jambalaya at Mother's. Excellent. That will be the plan in future. There will be no unattended children.
Does your town go in for decorated hearts/bears/ cows/apples/whatevers ?
It's going on now in New Orleans, the beautified creatures are Mardi Gras Bead Dogs, 
and will be auctioned later this year
 for the benefit of the local ASPCA.

This guy is part of a coordinated set of pups at the Lee Circle. He looks hopeful, in the way pups do when they're looking for food. We could relate.

And of course, there were a few hungry lookin Who Dat dogs. Well, we Giant fans know why they're hungry.

The other dogs for which New Orleans is known are Lucky Dogs, which are average hot dogs sold from above-average looking carts. My recommendation: take a picture of the cart, leave the dog.


  1. That's too bad about the Jambalaya. It's such a disappointment when you've saved yourself for a special dish and it's a letdown. Well, I will take your hot dog advice anytime. I'm not going near those things! Ever!

    In Calgary some years ago there was a "herd" of painted cows during Stampede. I am told they were sold or auctioned for charity as well. I didn't see the whole herd but you can still see the odd one here and there around the city.

  2. Eww hot dogs. Definitely not kosher. I've never eaten jambalaya in my life, but I have a feeling that isn't kosher either. Not that I keep kosher but I don't eat pork and MrBP is death allergic to shellfish so almost there.
    I want to say there was a painted moose thing done in Toronto a few years ago but my memory is foggy.
    Those dogs are fairly silly looking!

  3. hi, xoxo, I remember cows in another city, too, just can't come up with which one. There are about 70 different food stands at Jazzfest, so you're right, it's really grating to have picked a bad one. Well, there's always next year.

  4. Hi, Dani, we have kosher hot dogs in New York (all beef), Hebrew National brand. They also make salami and other products, and in their ads a serious voice declaims, "We answer to a higher authority." The hot dogs and salami are good, haven't tried anything else.


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