Madison Avenue, window-shopping by night

Shots of the J.Crew Collection & Bridal Store                            

 and a glance at its fascinating next door neighbor, 
designer furrier Dennis Basso, 
whose warm-weather styles 
aren't necessarily worked in fur
                                 Be afraid. Be very afraid. Why? 
Because J.Crew collaborations can sometimes 
be first observed in the windows of its near neighbors.
Collection store at Madison and 79th, 
right next door is St James, 
a few doors up is Barbour. 
Feathers, anyone?


  1. Ah, there's the striped skirt and styled much better than the pics we've seen so far! :)

  2. Yes, I think the denim shirt is this year's gray t-shirt.

  3. I know the sequin skirt got a bad rep, but I rather like it. Feathers?- no, thank you, too scary for me.

  4. Hi, Slastena! I must admit that that skirt looks a lot better with a solid top. I'd even like it for a very dressy occasion with a fitted silk or velvet top in one of the bright colors. Just one. I don't think a denim shirt would work at any kind of wedding except one on a beach, and there of course you wouldn't want to put sequins at risk of getting sand between the sides and stitches.

    Sometimes Denis Basso's clothes are amazing - opulent and original. If I had a starring role in one of those wonderful Sergei Eisenstein films, say Catherine the Great or King Jadwiga, I'd want Denis Basso to do my wardrobe. Just dreaming.


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