Bastille Day le 14 juillet

Tenue du jour:

Accessoires du jour:

two colorways of Les Feux d'Artifice (Fireworks!) - too hot to wear today, took one out to mark the day.

Plat du jour:

tiny local clams dug this morning in white wine sauce (basil, parsley, a few chopped cherry - not grape - tomatoes, cream) over fresh pasta. No, not dug by me, I met the clam guy at the market. Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc.
Musique du jour: The Boss, Seeger Sessions. But if the renters down the street start playing Barbra, I will counter with Édith.

Happy Weekend, happy lazy summer afternoon, everyone.
And here's an update on the clams!


  1. It's like you designed your menu just for me! My most favorite things. I've been eating lots of littleneck clams up here in NY state. So delish and now I am also addicted to sauvignon blanc if I wasn't already. Most especially from New Zealand.

    1. Hi, Dani, well, you know what they say about great minds. I have too many red/white/blue and blue/white/red wardrobe items to allow an occasion to pass unmarked, although celebrating some other days of national significance doesn't appeal. I'm having a thing for Cloudy Bay this summer.

  2. Wff - we did tenderloin beef, a fennel/grape salad, a watermelon/feta salad on greens, kale chips, a baguette and some RhoneValley vino...

    No Edith - I played Judy at Carnagie Hall - very unpatriotic of me!

    1. Hi, WMM, sounds like I missed a good one! The renters were quiet tonight, no opera, no oldies, so we stuck with the Boss. Around here if you play Judy the immediate world will show up for drinks. Such is life in a beach community.

  3. You're killing me ... I had a slice of pizza for dinner and now drooling over yours. I had some very fresh clams once, and I did dig for them. I'm imagining your dinner as delicious as that.

  4. Hi, tiffany rose, once I discovered that the spray nozzle on the backyard hose is strong enough to eliminate most of the scrubbing, baby clams are a regular on the menu at Flintstone Manor. The key, of course, as with all creatures of the sea, is freshness.

    In October-November, we eat the local scallops, Peconic Bay scallops, same family as Nantucket scallops only tinier and sweeter. They cook in seconds, and it's considered sacrilege to sauce them. Now those are candy for dinner!

    1. I agree, no need to sauce when the natural goodness is as good as it gets. That, I'd happily have for dessert!


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