Packages at the door for me and awards for the blog!

With shame-faced grin, first up is an award from me to me: Lazy Blogger! Seems like every time I sit down at the computer, I go into some kind of blog-trance. Only the sound of doorbell + thunk of dropped package brings me out of the trance, and then I have to try things on. Yes, have to, because I learned the hard way (lookin' at you, fuzzy dark green "cashmere" sweater) that if I tuck the package away 'til I'm more in the mood for relentless staring at hips/upper arms or inside-out inspection, life and other things get in the way. When I grab things on sale, which used to be January and July and now is nine-tenths of the year, packages no longer get the eagerly-anticipated-guest-treatment, they sit 'til I am good and ready to deal with them. So there. Oops, look at that compound word that doesn't exist in English. I didn't think the wurst (see last post) was particularly authentic, but something seems to have lingered.

The song of the summer markdown, a no longer endangered species

Off to the tailor 
Or back in the mailer
60-day probation
Seasonal frustration


There will be more about a certain Herringbone Linen Jacket later, but --

as someone once said, it is a small blog but there are those who love it!
The Whining Diner and wellfedfred have been presented with not one but two Lovely Blog Awards (dabs daintily at eye). Himself of course requires little encouragement to continue munching his way through shrinking continents, still regrets having been born too late to have tasted ortolans or at least to have been invited to have a taste. I, however, cherish every kind word, and so I am jumping up and down to thank

Closet Crisis, of the lovely One Too Many Closets


Rose, of the lovely One More Shopping Blog

Well, aside from stunned thanks, I want to tell all of you that if you aren't already following these blogs, you should be. I always find both enjoyable, and good-humored, and I always learn something. So there's a FOLLOW thing in the upper left corner of most blogger home screens, and all you have to do is click it. In fact, if you aren't already following us, give us a click.

Here are the rules for receiving this award: 

1. Follow the person who gave you the award. 
2. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
3. Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers.
4. Let the 15 bloggers know they have been nominated. 

Ok, now to name the 15 lovely blogs. There will be a little suspense because I have to go to the other computer to show Himself that we have in fact been to or through Annonay which is where today's installment of the Tour de France finishes, he would have remembered it without me if the Tour announcers had mentioned a restaurant there! 


  1. I've never been much of a sale shopper but I was kind of getting into it with J.Crew recently because the deals seemed too wonderful to pass up. Nothing like getting a few duds on sale to curb that behavior. Thankfully they were returnable so back they went.

    There are boxes arriving occasionally at my house but they are rarely from J.Crew. We'll see what fall brings...

    Congratulations on your blog awards!

  2. Thanks, xoxo, this whole thing of spring/not spring, elastic price points, and sale/not sale is going to wind up on Jay Leno before long. The only positive point for me is that if I steel myself to try on fast, I can quite often get to a store the same night the boxes arrive, pleasures of city-dwelling, and that way the credit is posted back immediately. I'm buying less, returning more in general. Charging in to rare sales events was one thing, but shopping roulette, or the crazy thing where you bring something home so you can inspect it in detail without shame, only to return it to wait for the markdowns to start tumbling down... Fun the first time, now just aggravation. No, I wouldn't do it to save $5, but $75? As you say, waiting for fall. And doubting, very much doubting, JC's claims of burgeoning sales. If true, why does the markdown section grow every morning? Who's in charge of the stock count, Bernie Madoff?

  3. I curse myself for ordering stuff on the sale! There is a package waiting at my friend's house in Syracuse, we will open it together on Sunday, to either delight or disappointment. There is a package at my Dad's house in Alpharetta Georgia, and there will be a package at home for me next week, the Moon Dot Dress which I could not resist once it achieved that rarified J Crew Strata: Final Sale, the low of the markdown game.
    I do love your blog! Guess where we were today: William Seward's house in Auburn, New York. It was thrilling! I can't help but think you would have loved it.

    1. Thank you, Dani, back atcha! Your trip sounds like a Mitford Treasure Hunt, what Fun to find goodies waiting as you move from stop to stop. I tried to have some last-minute additions held for me at a hotel in California, I'd called Bloomies and asked them to do a "charge-send-hold for arrival." somewhere in the chain of transmission the package was directed to "Mr" and since Himself and I have different first names, as many people do, the desk clerk refused to give it to me. Not a happy adventure. Well, I hope everything delights you. I love the old Victorian houses in upstate New York, I love the Victorian attitude of getting into an interest or activity and building it its own room.

  4. Congrats!
    I have a few boxes to try on and a few boxes to return too, will be big part of my weekend plans. :(
    I'm slowing way down on that endless cycle.
    BTW, re your clam chowder for dessert, I've been known to have dessert for my entrée.

    1. Thanks, Tiffany Rose! I'm slowing down, too, don't know what I'll do for exercise if the lift-and-carry, fling arms into air and bend over try-on routine comes to an end.
      Re: dessert first, these days with all the herbal, licorice, Angelica, whatever flavors in desserts, I'm surprised more people don't .

  5. I'm saving myself for the fall rollout, which i will pay twice as much as everyone for because i am a complete ninny when it comes to JCrew. Enjoy Bastille day!

    1. Merci, Tabitha! We're having tiny local clams in white wine + herb sauce over fresh (bought but fresh anyway) pastA tonight, well, Napoléon was Corsican, right?

      I keep getting hints of what's coming in for fall, the summer is shrinking too fast. Does it make me sound old to say I remember when fall merch arrived at the end of August?


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