street life: in the midst of life

A busy few days:
Barney's windows opened. The theme seems to be Disney at Fashion Week.

Well, that does explain some of the "fashion" I've seen lately.

I've concluded that my view of fashion is self-centered, if something doesn't fit into my life, I don't run around chasing a peppier life, I just sniff at the merch.

Well, after all, we are talking about my money.
I'm not required to tithe to manufacturers of women's wear.
Not spending is another one of the ways I express myself.
At some point I guess I'll run out of the few things I still love 
and will will wind up having to go shopping in a bath towel.

And I saw The Gatekeepers. This film is having a brief run in New York, possibly 
in other towns as well, to qualify it for this year's Oscars. 

I class this film as a "must-see," because I am always fascinated by brilliant people explaining what they do, how they feel about what they do, what they consider successes, what they consider failures. And these guys are professionals. I found it riveting.

When we came out of the theatre, the Winter's Eve street festival plus tree lighting was going on -- not the big Rockefeller Center tree lighting, a small tree with a chorus of carolers in front of Lincoln Center.
There were also booths run by local restaurants, selling a variety of small plates of their specialties. Naturally since my head was still in the movie I had a plate of falafel. It may have been the best I've ever had. Well, you know me by now. The falafel was from Daniel Boulud's booth. No pictures, hands and mouth both full.


  1. What a funny window! I want to be goofy!

    1. ok, you may. Or maybe you are, it's what we luv about you.

  2. I'm sniffing a lot lately myself. Much kitsch and crap going on these days. I love your comment about tithing, very apropos.

    The Barney's window is awful, especially since they are known for their amazing Christmas displays. Did Disney buy them out?

    1. thanks, xoxo, don't you sometimes envision Dear Leader picking through a collection basket and wondering why Sister Sweetie's envelope is a little light? No heavenly datebook for her this year!

      I can't imagine why a collaboration with Disney seemed like a good idea. Some of the individual caricatures are not bad. Little kids seem transfixed. Anyway it wouldn't surprise me to learn that Disney has bought some or all of Barney's, everyone else has over time. I stopped following it.

  3. No better street life than in NYC, for sure. What did Bergdorf's do this year? The only thing I have ever bought there is tights back in the day when good ones were not locally available.

    1. H, Lane, I had lunch at Bergdorf's the other day, delicious lobster lasagne, tissue-thin sheets of fresh pasta, sauce Nantua, lots of perfectly poached lobster -- why am I telli g this to someone from Maine? -- it's a little embarrassing to have to say I didn't notice the windows.

    2. Sounds divine! The Bergdorf windows were papered over earlier this month when I was there for a couple days. I just love holiday windows in NY.


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