waiting out the markdowns: the return of an old favorite, product short desc

I'm just guessing, of course, but it looks to me like one of these things might be meant to be worn under the other.

I grabbed the back view of the sweater because from the front it looks lovely, but between the back zip and the implicit admission of an itch&heat factor, making some kind of tank necessary, I will need to be reminded not to buy these pieces. No matter how enticing their final names and descriptions are.

Meanwhile, taking due notice of this past week's trend of extending sales, promotions and barrages of catalogs (all but one), I am extending our little stocking stuffer give-away for another week. Details for entering and for the goodies are in this post. If these seem too complicated, just post a little comment saying you'd like to enter.


  1. I think I entered and think I am following?

    Sales-- driving me nuts. May need to avoid computer in addition to mall.

    1. I don't know why but this barrage of sales and promotions has reminded me of the sad story of an elderly family friend who spend his last days and nights in front of a flickering tv, phone in hand. And for weeks after the funeral, packages of the strangest stuff arrived at his home.

    2. I think that was my father. LOL

  2. I am always amazed at the bloopers with each new rollout. If that happened with such consistency where I work, heads would roll.

    I have my eye on a cashmere hoodie but that is all.

    1. It's like nobody cares. But we knew that.

  3. HI WFF,
    I just wrote a heartfelt missive praising your amazing prose. You have lifted me out of my buried -under -work exile just because I had to reply. I unfortunately think I deleted the message. And BTW- I have been searching FOREVER for the elusive natural looking lipcolor that doesn't bleed or stick to my hair. I may need to look at that MAC combo.

  4. OMG -
    Solecism alert. I believe in my stupor I may have split an infinitive. I am not really ill educated. I am merely an awful typist.


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