Essay question: Tip O'Neill said "all politics is local." Discuss.

I apologize, Boston. Mayor Curley was a veritable statesman.
Sorry about that, Providence. 
Mayor Cianci had an entrepreneurial turn of mind, that's all.
I misunderstood, Newark. 
Mayor Addonizio was entitled to have a couple of friends he could count on.

Beg pardon, Atlanta. Mayor Campbell was a politician, just not an accountant.

Now I see, Chicago. Mayor Daley simply liked to get things done.

Sad day, Socorro, Texas.

It's taken a while, D.C., but you're trying to show us there's life after Mayor Barry.

I acknowledge your tradition, Syracuse. 
Mayor Alexander gave you many years.

Sincere regrets, Baltimore. 
Mayor Dixon was just as entitled to over-shop as I am 
(although I use my own money).

As always, New Orleans, you have my heart.
And to you folks in Tenessee, dealing with Vice-Mayor Blakely of Mount Carmel, 
I offer compassion, not the snide chuckles you may have heard from me earlier.

So please, folks. 
Stop telling me Anthony Weiner jokes for a while. 
He does that well enough by himself.
All you other towns and cities, too numerous to name:
democracy is its own reward.

I am taking a break from newspapers for a few weeks. 
Instead I am reading The Diary of a Provincial Lady, 
which was recommended by my friend R as, if not an antidote, then at least an anodyne. 
And if any of the run-up to elections, or back-to-school shopping, 
or figuring out when the loan against the 401K has to be put back,
or whether that strange rash is just an allergy to polyester,  
is getting to you, allow me recommend  this delightful little collection 
of pre-WWII first world problems to you as well.

Where is Tammany Hall when you need it?
That's what I want to know.


  1. Fred, google Rob Ford, Toronto. You will see what poor GetFresh is up against.

    No weiner jokes here. The whole thing is awful and smutty and pathetic. One does kind of miss Tammany Hall at this point - at least that was graft with a point...

    1. hi, Wendy, I cannot imagine that creep in City Hall.

  2. We are having a tough time here in Knoxville with our Trustee. The last one is being investigated and will most likely be charged, the latest one resigned and pled to charges, the newly elected by county commission is from "the old boys club". What a joke. I'm sure if you dug hard enough but didn't see any women listed.

    1. hi, BlueBooby, there are days when I'm not sure if I'm reading the news or an old-fashioned police blotter report.

      I did mention Mayor Sheila Diixon of Baltimore, it's important to keep the snark balanced.

  3. Checked out the current guv of Maine lately? His offensive bon mots have made national news.

    But really this Weiner dude has to stop. How can his wife be in the same room with him? Yesterday's comments---" it wasn't dozens.."--WHAT? I don't think it's a joke at all, just downright skeevy.

    I lived in Providence through the first Buddy administration; you can't make that stuff up. Rich! Still read the ProJo online.

    1. ugh, how can anyone be in the same room with him? and shaking hands with dignitaries and visitors and little kids who've won awards is such an important part of a Mayor's function.

      I was happy to have found a pic of Buddy with the gravy!

  4. Wonderful/horrifying compilation WFF. Whenever I hear the phrase "candidate Weiner" on the radio, the only thing that pops onto my head is "theater of the absurd." It is inconceivable to me that in a nation of 300 million + people that these reprobates(euphemism) are the best we can muster. I will look for your book. I have been(behind the throng, as usual) enjoying the genteel civility of Downton Abbey as I work.

    1. Those are my thoughts too, are these the best we can muster? Politics itself has become shady, few decent people want to make the commitment.

  5. Oh, KnitYarns, this was only a teensy sample! but AW beats them all for the yuck factor. Although there is a rumor going around that former Governor Spitzer, a/k/a Client 9, has said that Weiner is a "bad husband." Well, back to my escapist literature and I so hope you will enjoy the book. I think I wound up getting my copy from


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