Christmas in July, the memory lingers on. And so will the bills.

Christmas in July is over
I grabbed some treasures, some finds, some plunder
Someone pounced on the pencil skirt
That I've been stalking since November
But my feelings aren't hurt -
It's not like I'm a first offender.
Up with the sun each summer morn,
At the computer for shopping porn...

And now I've got some of my heart's desires
And a whole bunch of stuff that some sleepy person sitting on my computer thought I might find a use for if I were really creative and ordered before I was fully awake or could think of a rhyme for desires....

Wow, Christmas in July sales! These usually follow July 4th sales, Bastille Day promotions, post-July 4th clearances, and so on, so you have plenty of time to get ready. If you don't feel like running through markdown racks still again, July 25th is a good excuse for a really goofy party. Especially when there have been month-long clearances, butting right up against Back-to-School, Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, and Do Some More Christmas Shopping Even Earlier.

Just because August has arrived, we don't have to agree that the July Retail Festivities are over. To get us back into the spirit of things, here's a little Christmas in July carol. You will recognize the tune.

Mark 'em down! Mark 'em down!
Mark 'em all the way!
Promo time has come and gone,
with one more shopping day.
Dashing through the mall
With credit cards in hand
I made my list last fall,
I thought I had it planned.
Waiting for the drops 
in prices large and small 
Looking past the flops
I think I've hit a wall.
(ho ho ho)

Mark it down, mark it down
get it out the door 
the seasons are long over
and still they're shipping more.


  1. When what to my wondering eyes should appear
    but WellFedFred and her purchases so dear
    with a little green card so plastic and dear
    I knew in a minute it was Amex, my dear
    and then in an instant I saw near the door
    the brown UPS van from the packages store
    with a little old driver so lively and quick
    I knew in a moment that Fred's purchases were slick....

    1. Go, Wendy!
      (Like you didn't put your hand in your pocket this July ...).

    2. there were 2 packages in the door when I got home...

    3. which raises the question whether 'tis better to go out and be surprised upon return or to stay home where there is phone reception and electronics doing the Devil's work.

  2. Geez you guys. I thought, I haven't been shopping at all. Then, Nordstrom's delivered a little box...

  3. Strange for me, I probably shopped less in July than in recent months - course I don't shop when there are superior savings to be had!

    1. I've always promised myself that I'd keep a calendar with "return due by" dates notated to make chasing reductions practical, but somehow....

  4. Replies
    1. hi, AWSL, yes, the same furtive tilting of the screen, the transfixed stare, the impossible minis...

  5. I promised myself no shopping in I promptly placed all my orders the last days of July and now daughter wants to hit the mall today. Hell, it's tax free week end here!

    1. tax free and back-to-school, how can you stay home?

  6. I am guilty - I broke down and ordered way to much stuff from J. Crew in July. They got me with all those promos!! And now it's time for back to school shopping!

    1. hi, Louise, I am trying to figure out which packing slip goes with which skirt - ordered the same one 3 times at 3 different prices! and there's something about the first cool breeze of an August morning that makes me need to make shopping lists. Sigh.

  7. J Crew got me, too. We were travelling last week, so I had UPS hold my packages (thanks to Gigi for the UPS My Choice info a while back). It was quite embarassing when the UPS folks went to the back and returned with 6 (!) packages for me. Added insult to injury when the nice guy offered to help carry them all to the car...

    1. Hi, Wendy, I've had similar experiences when our doormen hold packages that arrive - and arrive and arrive - while I'm out of town. In mitigation, may I say that the building has an entire "package room" where the shopping of travelers awaits their return. On the other hand, they don't like to hold very large packages, and when there are 2 or 3 - well, the worst offender is Target. A package large enough to hold a flat-screen tv and accessories disgorged a tee and a potato peeler.


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