and so I wait

Wondering if package will make it those last few miles, and what I'll find if it does...

- This is a silk blouse from JC, by the way, not the escargot.


  1. When is that adorable escargot sweater going to find its way to you? I was just in Macy's an hour ago; last day of Friends & Family and it was completely mobbed. Hope your sweater arrives soon!

  2. Ha. The downside to tracking notifications! I had a package they decided was undeliverable and it pinged back and forth across the country for weeks- 30 points of tracking! I hope you get it soon (and that its worth it!)

  3. I thought it would be l'escargot sweater too. Hoping the snail's pace is worth it at the end.

  4. UPS always seems to pull through for me in the end, Hope your goodies arrived safe and sound.

  5. Hi, ladies, I received 2 snail sweaters (2????) in size M, and my silk tee late yesterday.


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