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Yes, of course I'm going to tell you about London and Paris with the teensiest. Right now, though, I'm fighting the time change and trying to normalize my pulse. Our flight home from Paris was cancelled after we'd been in the air about an hour and we turned back and landed at Heathrow. There we learned that the only replacement part available for our plane's problem was in the US and would be overnighted to London. Where, I might add, no one expected us, especially our airline's customer service people. Baggage reclaim, customs and an endless line for a bus were followed by a buffet that had served partying Visigoths earlier that day without replenishment. More long lines the next afternoon, then another wait while the plane was checked over again. Like lemmings, we fearlessly (yeah, right) shuffled aboard.

So now I'm going through mail, etc, but I did have a smile a minute ago, and I want to share it with you. A disciple of our old acquaintance the Copywriter from Space has found employment at The Gap.

Or maybe whosis is cherry-picking talent from JC?


  1. Oh my, that is a delay! That beats any of mine by a country mile.

    Looking forward to hearing about London and Paris but the thought of deconstructed real straight skimmer jeans will keep me amused until then.

  2. I hope that you had a great trip and quickly forgot your flights home. What an awful delay. The buffet sounds especially sad.

    Perhaps Sarah Palin is a "ghost copywriter" for The Gap!

  3. At least the Gap showed how awful they are going to look on everybody.

  4. The joys of modern air travel. At least you got home safely with no missile attacks.
    That's quite the copy on those rather unattractive destructed skimmer mid rise jeans.

  5. What an ordeal! Hope you had resilient type teensies with you.

    Highest form of flattery?

  6. What a nightmare, I'm sorry and its even worse with kiddies. Isn't it a pain when you have a great break but arrive back exhausted because of the flight.

    i am really feeling the jetlag as I get older

    Yes the destructed skimmer mid rise jeans, they forgot to say also there are whiskers (or whatever you call those wear marks on the thighs) and I wonder if that is what finishes them off for the viewer

  7. real good post-I am quite taken with the almost passive way you describe such a harrowing ordeal. We couldn't have got through it without a decree nisi, garish expense, and some sort of charges filed. Well done.
    Can't wait to hear about the trip. Will there be pictures?


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