So after a lot of pinning and unpinning and repinning, the pinkish gauze skirt and I have said our adieus. The two extremes - shorter:
and not so shorter:

and all kinds of fugly in-between - none of them worked on me. By the way, the pinning was made simpler by not measuring with a tape, but by using a 5x8 index card.

And Happy Belated Independence Day -- yes, it took me this long to figure out how to add this YouTube video of the new Fourth of July "song."

A celebration of the First Amendment at its - um - most interesting. Well, chickies, good taste is truly timeless:

So here we are, all descended from people who came to this country or this continent from somewhere else, whether because their habitat disappeared, or because they were fleeing famine, persecution, prosecution, terror...  We are all descended from people who held on to hope, and who knew what to pack.
Hmm, that caveman's luggage looks familiar.

Come to think of it, so do his corduroy pants and quilted vest and duck boots.

Or maybe our forebears didn't pack - maybe the plan was to make do with what they found when they got here.
One last bit of shopping news, I bought a tube of LIME-AND-MINT-FLAVORED TOOTHPASTE. It's made by Crest. SAVE YOUR MONEY, it does not taste like a Mojito. It tastes like the morning after MANY MANY Mojitos.


  1. Um...I can't see the video. I am sure it's me, not you. Happy belated 4th!

  2. Click the word "this" and a YouTube window should open then there's a little triangle in the middle of the picture, which you click to make it play. I hope..

  3. You are hilarious! From the piggy book (Blue Booby has a cute pig on her blog today too.) watched the vid and am now thinking what a margarita toothpaste would taste like. There was a great article in the NY TImes this weekend from Maureen Dowd about how the 4th is not the same "we beat everyone, victorious! celebrate us" anymore as the US (in more than just soccer) is now playing catch up..

    is that you about to get on the good ship Bandit???

    1. It's one of the Geico cavemen - I adore cavemen. Not as much as I adore Visigoths, though.

  4. Nothing like the Geico cavemen!

    Sad about the skirt. My hips would not have done that skirt any favors, starting an inch below the waist.

    Especially enjoyed the flag waving on the noodle. Quite enterprising overall.

    Don't think the Mojito flavor has been imported here yet, but will take your cue and avoid.

  5. Hi there - I can't find your email - do you have a photo of you in a dress?/ Send to with couple of lines of what you are up to. Am posting in a couple of hours...

  6. I just saw a tie-on tutu skirt from Dosa, its adorable, but unsure as to whether you kind of do that thing where you wear it over jeans...


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