drunk j.crew. um, j.crew drunk. um, some water would be nice.

Hey, the best thing happened this morning!

I was directed to check out this Tumblr, and I can drive a vehicle that moves on treads not tires more easily than I can operate Tumblr, so - here's where you need to go.

You'll thank me. And I thank Jen.

It explains soooo much.


  1. That is very bloody funny!
    Thank you for your very lovely comment about my father x

  2. Ha! So funny and thanks for the laugh Fred!

  3. So that's why their hair is so awful....didn't hold it back properly while driving the porcelain goddess.

  4. How did we miss seeing that all along? I must be slipping.

  5. Explains things perfectly! Brilliantly funny.

  6. Was just asked why I am laughing so hard...


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