fashion forecast: winter 2014, spring 2015

Early fall's overdose of gray, light gray, medium gray,
 dark gray, charcoal gray, marled gray and 
related and coordinating tones, now admits
 a pop of another color: taupe.
 Here we see some relaxed silhouettes, 
highlighting the drapey, flowy, not-too-tailored,
 indeed effortless, effects of the interplay
 of dark taupe, light taupe, marled taupe, and umber.

Wraps, scarves and headgear continue 
the color story of gentle neutrals, saved
from utter dreariness by interesting mixes of texture.

Runway looks featured undone hair,
messy hair, straggly hair
and exaggerated contouring.


  1. Replies
    1. oh, right: the bland obliviousness of pearl gray. Guess I just overlooked it.

  2. But how do you tell which one's the king?

  3. So this is the look I should aim for this season. I think I can do this. But what shoes?

  4. ha! I wondered where you were! I am all over this one!

  5. I've got this one covered. Do I have to wash my feet or can they just blend in?

    1. It's all about the blend. Except, of course, for the contouring, which should be defiant splashes of deep browns and evanescent grays.

  6. I will have to stay home in my navy, I guess. Hilarious dreary photos.

  7. Finally a look I can pull off. What do they say- fashion repeats itself...only this time it took about one thousand years. At least they are all dead so they don't have to worry about the faux pas of wearing a trend that you wore the first time around. Fred you have brought a smile to my face today. Thanks H.

    1. textures, mixes, grays, loose fits... oh, and borrowed from the boys. Or the dead peasants.

  8. Oh, Fred - I eagerly anticipate your comments on this:

  9. Love it. I quite like the aesthetic. Then again, I was lusting after the wardrobe from the Noah movie too.

    1. Ah, yes, classic use of draping. Eat your heart out, Mme. Grès.


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