on the eve of travel

Lazy twilight, reviewing list for a few days in London followed by a week in Paris, and a quick visit to Lyon. We've done this before, and it never ceases to delight.
Of course, New York has its moments, too  - here's one.

OK, back to the fold, roll or smoosh dilemma.


  1. Lyon sounds like such an interesting place, so much very very old history. (Well, Paris, yes, too). Do you shop the markets and cook there at all or eat out? I hope you will do some food notes for us!

    High in the 50's again here so I've given up and poured a nice Woodford Reserve into which I crushed some fresh mint. Warming!

  2. The packing thing-- I have recently been a roller of like items, so short sleeved T's in one roll, long in another. You must check a bag? I've done 2 weeks in Italy with just a carry-on but it bored me to tears after about 8 days.

  3. Have a great trip!! Looking forward to hearing about the food. When I pack, I like to leave lots of space in the suitcase for bringing home little treasures ;-)

  4. Enjoy! I love Lyon. The food is amazing. Have a wonderful holiday (however you pack!)


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