welcome to London - dinner at Gordon Ramsey

A "pre-appetizer" - mousse of new little peas and 
house-made ricotta, with tiny spring vegetables 

The starter: foie gras and sweetbreads

the main - roast baby lamb, morels and other mushrooms 

dessert - lemon soufflé - a test run, expected to be on the menu soon.

That noise you hear is sighs of contentment.


  1. oh fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish I was there!

  2. Could ya hear him yelling and everyone else crying in the back? I know, probably not there but maybe...

  3. Delish! Love the look of the little pea mousse.

  4. OMG! Beautiful meal. And the wine?

  5. Yum! Did anyone shout at you there, just to get into the spirit of GR? I think that would be a nice touch. The roast baby lamb sounds divine.

  6. Foie Gras is one of my favourite things to eat… but that whole menu does sound and look delicious. THere is nothing better than a truly good meal that lives up to high expectations!

  7. GR is an asshole but he does know how to cook and his brigade are good,


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