life at the beach

our Village has a post office
the Government says the post office is a fourth-class post office
this means they don't deliver regular mail
you go to the P.O. and collect it

but see how thoughtful our P.O. is?

I think it's a first-class operation


  1. I quite like our postie we have and I rank them highly and love the stories of how they get bribed by people to siphon mail and many don't succumb even on a modest wage. Like housework you don't realise how important they are until it doesn't get done!

  2. I like the landscaping! And, the sign, naturally.Is it safer to read and walk on even terrain?
    Have a happy 4th of July!

  3. Funny stuff.

    Ours is a half mile walk away in a little store; all village info/gossip/news is filtered through the PO. MLane will walk down to "get the mail" and reappear 2 hours later; "I bumped into some folks".

  4. We just lost our mail delivery in favour of a super box. Another daily pleasure gone. I wish we could walk to a post office and see a human being.


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