in hope and sorrow

Here's where my heart has been these past few days. 


  1. SO poignant. Thank you WFF. THe sheer horror of the the violence is SC is inconceivable, and the forgiveness of the families is heart rending.
    I hope you are enjoying your trip. It is sometimes hard to shake the miasma that overwhelms in situations such as these.
    And, I have even been saddened by the tone deaf twitter feed from J Crew's VP of Merchandising.
    How insensitive have people become to other people? It is really sobering. And depressing. Especially because so many of those people wield power over others.

  2. Fred thanks for that link. So much sorrow but to hope still... big hug to you and travel safe. xo

  3. My heart has been heavy with this, too. The families of the victims are just amazing in their response.

  4. Thanks Fred! I have been praying for all concerned. Something has got to change...


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