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this charming and realistic card is available through 

And the following charming and realistic quote is from Joan Rivers:

A man can sleep around, no questions asked, 
but if a woman makes nineteen or twenty mistakes
 she's a tramp. 

And if that hasn't cheered you up,
Thank you all for reading and commenting and being kind, funny, well-dressed friends.

Happy 2016!


  1. Happy New Year Fred! I closed 2015 following the immortal words of Porky Pig: That's all Folks!

  2. Oh, it's sad Joan is no longer in the world! DB's roundup is brilliant-- forwarding to MLane. Totally with him on man buns, cannot abide. As Patriot fans, we search for any emotional coloration from Belichick, anything besides his chronic deflated disgust. Gronk!!

    As the wicked witch of the West once said, "what a world, what a world!" Well, it's the one we've got.

    I'm coming off 36 hrs of something resembling the norovirus so right away my weight looks great. I will rally enough to attend a couple of brunches and not eat.

    Happy New Year and thanks!

  3. Happy New Year! Hunter is out trying to fix the fence again. The cows are still coming over. One may have even gone skinny dipping in the pool. Our pool cover has big holes but thankfully no bloated animal floating underneath. Shall be a fun year!


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