inbox insanity gets an early start - statement pieces on the move

OK, dollings, I need to know: with what does one wear the Statement Piggy? Would it be overkill to "pair" it with a Statement Necklace? just wondering.

And if I "pair" the Piggy with a pair of Statement Earrings, am I still "pairing," since by definition there are only two things or people in a pair?

I've already solved the First Hilarious Mystery, which is what kind of statement does a Statement Piggy make? That one was easy -- oink. Your thoughts on the remaining mysteries are welcome!

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  1. Happy and healthy New Year, WFF! I can't open the link you have, so can only guess what a statement piggy is. Since I was not born with ears made of titanium, I forgo the weighty statement earrings, even though I have read the copy and am aware that they are perfectly pair-able with the Bella Leaf for swimming across the Channel, or finishing a triathlon. I wish I received phone calls interesting enough to necessitate adding blue-tooth earbuds to my wardrobe. I don't need to be connected 24-7 for "Can you pick me up?" or " Get paper towels on your way home from work".
    Off topic. I wandered through J Crew, and my incredulous son saw the enameled atrocities that are on sale for $$$, and I thought of your painted cereal post, and I laughed.

  2. so having money itself isn't enough anymore we need a chic conduit to hold it in? oy vey

    happy new year!

  3. Have not heard the word piggy bank since I was a kid when we didn't have piggy banks but just squirrel savings accounts with a passbook to go with it. Was it squirrels in NZ and piggies elsewhere? someone will be complaining about that, sequined, striped and floral, or not
    happy New Year

  4. Your inbox is a fascinator, 3 totally random things. Not sure what statement a piggy box would be making unless it won the lottery tonight.


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