staying in, drinking coffee and brooding

I usually don't converse with my coffee mug. Its job is to hold my coffee and not leak. My job is to make the coffee, pour it into the mug, and drink it without dribbling. Both jobs require full attention. I usually use a plain white "skinny" mug made by a company called RepeatRepeat. The diameter is smaller than that of most mugs, so less coffee is exposed to the air and the coffee stays hot longer.

But these made me smile.

I found these mugs at Nylon.

While they're the wrong size for me generally, this morning (post the first 2016 presidential election debate) it occurred to me that more than one of them expressed how I was feeling during/ immedicately / the morning after the debate. Woosh, did I need a giant cup of hi-test this morning!

Informal poll - none of that software that tallies things up and loses the winner's email address - this is not a contest.

But tell me - would any of these cups have been the one you grabbed this morning?

Of course you may have more than one-- no rationing. Yet.


  1. I have a range of mugs I choose depending on mood but right now I'd choose - karma owes me!

  2. I would also take the karma one! ...Watching the debate was painful!! And there's still two more to get through, assuming Trump shows up for them!!!

    1. Endurance, stamina... Der Donald keeps reminding me of really really awful blind dates - no substance and can't understand why you're not thrilled he showed up.

  3. Love the bitch face one. I always say I have Active Bitch Face (I'm far too neurotic to have resting bitch face) And yes, Karma owes me big time too. xo

    1. Hi, Jen, there are days when I think Nana may have been right and my face did "freeze like that."

  4. Love it. I think a number of those awesome mugs are apropos to the debate. Is there one that says "Oh my God,this is actually the worst!"? Which just reminded me of John Oliver. Who I love.
    Hope all is well at Flintstone Towers!

    1. Hi, KnitYarns! I tried to have a "news-free" weekend, but I feel like a bystanders at a trainwreck, you can't not look.

      Also a JO fan!


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