Tomorrow's the big day!

A grumpy lady asked me why people are making such a fuss about this wedding. I think I know. Too often we have to share sorrow, with friends, with loved ones, with total strangers whose faces flash across our tv screens as they contemplate unimaginable loss. I visited the man I love in hospital a few years ago - he was fine, his result was better than we had dared hope, but I was holding back tears as i shared the elevator with a darling little bald boy and his sweet parents and brother.

So yes, we are sharing the happiness of a couple most of us will never meet. And they've been gracious enough to make it easy for us. They smile, they're appealing. They look happy. My mom would have loved Catherine. She stands up straight and doesn't fidget. Her nails are clean and not bitten. She doesn't wear junk jewelry (and from tomorrow on she'll never even have to think about it). And, like Laura in the Little House books, she's not going to promise to obey.

What are Kate and Will wishing for at this very minute?

Well, if I had to guess, I'd say each of them is hoping that his or her younger brother doesn't disgrace the family tomorrow.

And so to bed.

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  1. Southern Belle Ph.D.April 28, 2011 at 9:01 PM

    Excellent and timely post as my thoughts and prayers and those of many in this nation are with the horrendous devastation in the South. University of Alabama is one of my alma maters.

    Kate is probably praying she remembers all of William's names and in the correct order.


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