vive le beau prince! vive la belle princesse! a fairytale beginning...

Them: tired, happy, smiling, married.
Me: tired, happy, packed up and heading for airport, reflective.
This has been an amazing experience, and I still have a few of those jellybeans left, which I will save for the plane ride home.

The cameraman who's related to the nice British lady I met in New York emailed me a link to some footage of scenes from The Wedding, and if you look just behind and to the left of the tall gentleman in the stately African robes, you can glimpse the top of my fascinator:

Oh, well... now for the reflective part.

In real life (no ridiculously expensive tickets, no invitation delivered by Bunny, no silly headgear), Kate has an amazing opportunity to work towards fixing many of the things that may have puzzled and hurt her as a young girl:  why are those people fighting? why do those babies on the TV look so sick and sad? why are those people so wet and tired and hungry-looking? why is that school such a tumble-down hovel? why is that woman crying? why is that factory closed? She may do this by serving on a board or on a committee, by supporting products and concepts, or by just showing up. We are all superficial creatures, and if our attention is attracted first to the cute and the pretty, if that directs our attention to the need for us to love and care for and help one another, then I say, Go for it, Kate! Today is not the end of the fairytale, today is the beginning.


  1. Southern Belle Ph.D.April 29, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    Well said.

  2. IRL indeed. I was thinking you were imagining that you are Charlotte Forbes or something. Certainly Charlotte would have no issues getting a "flight". ;^)


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