and we keep moving...

Next up: the Chunnel

and off the train into contemporary Paris
and after a short rest, we were ready for more food (blushes)

I've posted about our love for Apicius a few times

here's why
 starter (after house cocktail and "pre-appetizers" 
which vanished too fast to be photographed
 lobster cocktail with lemon-y mousseline sauce,
poached egg, mousse of wild mushrooms
 I of course restrained myself, had the white (warm) asparagus
with salad of minced green (cool) asparagus
 it's Spring - this little lamb didn't run fast enough!
 perfect accompaniment for roast lamb:
mashed (pureed) potatoes



  1. You are eating well. I'm deeply jealous. Enjoy!!

  2. Nothing like really good lamb. Were we too full for dessert?...

  3. That asparagus looks scrumptious. Have a wonderful trip Fred!


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